The Story Of Three: I am a Helicopter Mom

Friday, October 9, 2015

I am a Helicopter Mom

I follow a handful of Mom bloggers who have children on the spectrum, this post was inspired after I read Chrissy's post about being a proud helicopter mom of her boys with Autism. Chrissy writes at the Life with Greyson + Parker and I feel like I connect with her on so many levels when she writes. Her posts are from the heart, you can feel the passion in her words and her stories really hit close to home for me.

I've heard over and over about helicopter moms or helicopter parenting, and it's true, I fit that category, 110%. I don't think I noticed for several years after my son was born that I was the overprotective parent, I was just parenting, the best way I knew how.

Big Brother C has no fear - no fear of strangers, no fear of falling, no fear of heights, no fear of pain, etc. He's perception is off as well, running into things or people, and most of the time won't even notice. We've been receiving therapy for years, what seems like a life time for my son, and there are many things he works on daily. He has goals from things like dressing himself to learning new sounds & words, preparing his lunch for school and so on. 

Big Brother C is never out of my sight, even at home, I don't have nanny cams in every room, I'm right there with him. Whether he's swinging and watching his favorite shows on the iPad or we are sitting around at the dinner table together, it's very rare that I leave his side. 

When we go out in public I am with him every step, holding his hand, walking right with him and guiding him - the only time I'm not is when he's at school. I enjoy taking my kids to the park, out to dinner, we even go to the grocery store together. It's important for both of my kids to be out in the real world. But more so for Big Brother C, it's important that he can be comfortable out in public or knows how to behave while at the mexican restaurant down the street. Does every outing go perfect? Absolutely not. However, over the years Big Brother C has adjusted and enjoys being out doors, enjoys helping me get groceries, he can even tolerate walking around a mall. 

As a single mom, most of the errands I run or things I do are with my kids. You've probably seen me at the grocery store pushing the shopping cart while holding my son's hand, or maybe you'll see me at the park playing with him on the slide. I don't sit on the sidelines, even in therapy, I'm right there - learning and playing along. I love playing, engaging and being with my children, it's a 24/7 task but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

That's just me, it's the life I know and the life my kids know. Is my view different from yours? Absolutely. Am I overprotective? Yes. Am I a helicopter mom? Yes. 

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VickeC said...

yes sweetie I am too ,,or was,,before it was called that,,my son had asthma really bad and i had to watch him like a hawk to keep him from getting sicker than he already was,,i had so many family members telling me to let him go and i thought yes and he will be dead if i do,,he had so many allergies,,he is a grown man now but i still worry