The Story Of Three: No Bake Dirt Pudding Halloween Treat

Monday, October 5, 2015

No Bake Dirt Pudding Halloween Treat

With Halloween right around the corner, I will be posting a few of my favorite and delicious treats through out the month!! These are a fun and spooky treat everyone will love! 

  • A package of plastic clear cups
  • A package of chocolate pudding
  • A package of Oreo cookies
  • A package of gummy worms
  • Milk for the pudding

  • Mix pudding in a medium size bowl according to package directions, refrigerate.
  • Using a food processor (or crush by hand), crush/crumble about a dozen Oreo cookies.
  • Once pudding has set, scoop out about 3-4 spoonfuls into the bottom of each plastic clear cup.
  • Add on a few gummy worms.
  • Top with crushed Oreo cookies & enjoy!

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1 comment:

Terra Heck said...

Those are a neat treat. I'm co-hosting a Halloween party soon. I might just have to make some of these.