The Story Of Three: Golden Platter All Natural Chicken

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Golden Platter All Natural Chicken

(Disclosure: I received the products featured below for the purpose of my review. All opinions are 100% my own and no other compensation was received.)

As a mom and the only cook in our home, I am responsible for all grocery shopping, food preparation and cooking for my family, it's important that I make healthy choices when it comes to food. Sometimes with our schedule I don't have time in the evening to prepare dinner but I still want to be able to offer my family healthy choices - that's where Golden Platter All Natural Chicken comes in.

Golden Platter All Natural Chicken offers an entire line of Gluten Free-breaded, fully cooked, 100% breast meat products. All of Golden Platter's foods are made from 100% all natural ingredients, they are allergen-free, contain no artificial ingredients, hormones or preservatives and are minimally processed. Their Gluten Free foods are breaded with a blend of rice and corn flour and are certified GF by GFCO.

I was really excited when I heard about Golden Platter All Natural Chicken, I've honestly never tried them before but they definitely have my attention with their 100% all natural ingredients! I received a variety of Golden Platter foods for my family to try out, including - Gluten Free Chicken Patties, Gluten Free Chicken Tenders, Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets, Gluten Free Buffalo Bites and Gluten Free Disney Frozen Chicken Nuggets. 

My daughter was super excited to dive into the Disney Frozen Gluten Free Nuggets, she's a big Frozen fan! So while she chowed down on fun nugget shapes like snowflakes, castles and hearts, I prepared Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets for Big Brother C! Both of my kids had no problem clearing their plates, they loved "Mom's new choice of nuggets" as my daughter puts it, and they are already asking when I will make them again! 

I personally wanted to try the Gluten Free Buffalo Bites first, these bites are juicy, full of flavor and you would never know they are "Gluten-Free". I think these would be a big hit at our next cook out or family gathering!

The Gluten Free Chicken Tenders and Gluten Free Chicken Patties are delicious, the Patties could be served on your favorite Gluten Free bread or bun and the Tenders are perfect by themselves or would be tasty in a fresh salad. Golden Platter doesn't sacrifice flavor when it comes to these foods, just because a product is All Natural or Gluten Free doesn't mean it isn't good. These foods are by far the best All Natural and Gluten Free meats we've enjoyed in a long time, and as a mom of two picky eaters, that makes our stomachs and my family very happy. 

So what do you think? Would your family enjoy Golden Platter All Natural Chicken?

You can purchase Golden Platter All Natural Chicken at stores like Costco, Safeway, Giant and more! Use the store locator to find the nearest store that carries Golden Platter! 

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Megan Sutliff said...

I never heard of this company before but I would definitely be interested in trying them out, especially those buffalo bites! My kids love Frozen and chicken nuggets so I'm sure they'd love those. Thanks for sharing!

VickeC said...

my grandkids would love these too,,they are cute and look really good too