The Story Of Three: Survival Tips For Single Moms

Monday, April 18, 2016

Survival Tips For Single Moms

Do you ever wonder how moms get anything done? Have you ever been a single mom? I'm not going to lie it's hard, it's super tough at first but as time goes on it gets easier or maybe I just got better at figuring it all out? Either way, it takes a lot to survive and I'm excited to share my best survival tips that I've learned over the years! 

Make time for yourself/take care of yourself - As a parent we don't always put ourselves first, sometimes we get so wrapped up that we forget to take care of ourselves. It's normal, I've done it many times, but it's so important that we do make time to take care of ourselves and even make time for some occasional down time with out the kids. Whether it's going to the gym a few days a week, staying up after they go to bed and enjoying a few shows with a glass of wine or going and getting your nails done at the local spa - it needs to be done. You need it and you deserve it -  your body and mind will thank you for it! I love relaxing and getting in some me time, I feel like it's what helps me have successful days. Also don't let yourself forget about your health, our children depend on us to take care of them and you can't take care of your babies when your not feeling good or your not at your best. So schedule that dreaded annual women's exam, dentist appointment or eye exam - your kids need you to be healthy!

Accept help from others - Okay, this one is a big one, it took me a while to finally say yes because I felt like it would affect my "pride" or make me "less of a person" and it absolutely does not! It maybe hard to ask for help at first but if you need it, please, please, please ask! It could be something small, like finding a babysitter while you go in for a job interview or it could be something bigger like asking friends and family to help you move instead of hiring movers. Your friends and family will understand, this single parent thing takes a village and most of the time if they can, they will help. Don't be afraid to accept help either, it could be something like a box of hand me down clothes from a cousin or grandma offering to cook dinner on a busy weeknight. If a close friend or a family member offers to come over and babysitt the kids while you go grocery shopping - let them! Or maybe they suggest you go to a movie date night with girlfriends next weekend - kindly accept and if they just stop by to drop off a few books for the kids - thank them! They are doing it because they want too and it's okay! Be grateful and thankful for your village and for the people who want to help out in your family's life!

Find a work schedule that fits your family - Being a working, single parent can be exhausting. Many moms struggle with finding and creating that balance that works for them and their little family! I've had my share of 8 to 5 desks jobs and after a while I knew in my heart that it wasn't what worked best for my family, now as a single mom I could not imagine working a job like that. I have so many solo responsibilities like getting the kids to and from school on time, attending daily after school therapy sessions, managing the house, grocery shopping, laundry, the list goes on and on. So I connected with my family and started my own small business, I've always loved to clean houses and I knew that was what I wanted to do. It would allow me to create my own, flexible schedule, be my own boss and be available for my children at any time or day that they needed me. It may not work for the next person, but it works perfectly for me, for us and that's what's important. Find a work schedule that fits your family, you'll be happier, and they will be happier.

Always be prepared - I always joke that my iPhone is my life line, but it really is! It holds my daily and work schedules, notes, alarms, reminders and it helps keep me really organized. As a single parent, not only do I always need to be prepared, I need to plan ahead as often as I can. When you have children, things happen, accidents happen, the unexpected happens and if it hasn't happened yet - trust me it will! There are many ways you can be prepared as a single mom for example: keep your electronics charged when possible, especially your phone - I charge my iPhone, the iPad and my Bluetooth headset every single night. If there was ever an emergency, I don't want to be dialing 9-1-1 with a 2% battery life. I also keep a First Aid Kit stocked in our kitchen, it seems like we always need neosporin and band-aids, and I'd rather not drive to the store when my child has a scraped and bloody knee. I also like to keep a backpack in the back of the truck - it has an extra set of clothes in it for each of my children along with wipes and tissues. Planning is a big deal for me, I'm a planner, I like to plan ahead. Usually I can plan out a month at a time and then I go in and finalize all the details of that week as it gets closer. I don't like to go to the grocery store 3 times a week, if it happens then well it happens but I'd rather make a list, plan ahead and go once a week or once ever two weeks. I don't know about you, but I feel like I am more productive and focused when I am prepared and when I plan ahead.

Do you have any other tips to add?


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