The Story Of Three: Struggling With Change

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Struggling With Change

School is right around the corner and I'm not sure if we are ready. The back to school schedule is great for our routine and structure but I'm not sure I'm ready for my children to start at a new school. We changed over the summer, made the move from what was probably our favorite school with the most amazing teachers ever to a new school. It broke my heart to leave our school, the school we fell in love with, the teachers that poured their heart and soul into Big Brother C and where he absolutely loved going. The therapists, teachers and classmates opened up their hearts to us and they all quickly felt more like family than friends.

On August 22nd, the three of us will step foot into a new school, an entire building of new faces, new sounds, new classrooms filled with new teachers, new friends, new therapists, new schedules, new surroundings - it's a lot to take in. It can be overwhelming, so much change at once, my big guy doesn't do well with drastic change, he's not a fan of his routine changing - at all. My heart sinks into my stomach about the thought of him walking around this new school with new teachers and feeling lost or sad. Big Brother C can't always communicate what he wants, or how he's feeling and he can't tell me at the end of a school day how his day went - just a few of the many joys of Autism.

After a while, hopefully sooner than later, I know both of my children will adjust to the new school, will hopefully make friends fast and get the hang of the new routine/schedule with no time. Sometimes change has to happen, sometimes its so far out of my control that I can't fight it and I just have to let go and breathe.

I'm anxious to see how this school year goes and I've been praying for the best, praying for a smooth transition for everyone and a smooth sailing for the last year of elementary for Big Brother C. Middle school will be a whole different story.

My big guy has had a pretty good summer though, he struggled a little bit at the beginning, we had to switch therapists and companies and went a few weeks with out therapy but once we got over that bump - everything was good again! His new therapists are continuing to work on ASL for communication, more independent self help/self care tasks and beginning in August we are going back on the gluten-free diet and we'll be diffusing some new oils in his room too!

Everyday this guy right here continues to amazing me! Big Brother C may struggle with change and a few other things because of Autism but man he's such a smart kid who enjoys learning, he's happy almost all of the time, is the best sleeper in our house and has a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh!

I'm really hoping and praying for a wonderful school year for both of my children, I think we all struggle with change someway and somehow but I know this is what's best for my kids. I'm going to try to focus all of my energy on building and loving the new and hopefully my momma heart can handle it.


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