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Friday, October 25, 2019

Little Birdy Community

(Disclosure: I partnered with Bear Icebox Communications for this review. I received compensation for this post, however all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you so much for supporting my blog!)

As a parent of two, safety and my children's well-being are top priority, however, we have very busy schedules, and I know I can't always be with them. With my children starting at brand new schools next year, this was the perfect time to start researching apps, because let's face it, I always have my iPhone on me. Well, I was recently contacted by the Little Birdy Community and after reading about their amazing app, I knew this was one that parents everywhere needed and needed fast! 

So exactly what is Little Birdy Community? Its an anonymous messaging platform that allows parents and guardians to anonymously receive alerts from trusted friends regarding their children's behavior. Little Birdy Community is focused on providing a safe environment for parents, it provides fellow parents a peace of mind to report incidents without fear of of delivering hurtful information, a confrontation, losing a friend, or being labeled as a snitch. 

With Little Birdy Community only you can see the messages from another Birdy, Birdies also don't know the identity of other birdies in the community and Birdies within your network can not communicate with each other. 

So how do you get started? Simply create an account and list the name of your child that you would like to receive information about. Then, choose the list of behaviors you would like to be informed about for example: crime, drugs, drunk driving, etc. Next, create your own network of friends and ask them to serve as a Birdy on your trusted network. Your Birdies can now send you messages when there is something to report. Lastly, the app itself is only $29.99, you will not be charged until your Birdy group is complete. 

So what do you think? Could Little Birdy Community benefit your family?

Join the Little Birdy Community today for only $29.99 a year and be sure to check them out on Facebook as well! 


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